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A home + life blog by Corinne Melanie

Unexpected Perfection

You know those days where absolutely everything goes wrong? Let me tell you why sometimes our worst days can turn into the best days.

All the planning you could possibly imagine had gone into our location shoot.

The house, booked.

Art transport, sorted.

Plans made and everything locked in ready to go.

The location was a 3 hour drive each way, which added to the planning and organising the logistics of it all.

And then… there was a storm.

Resulting in a giant power outage lasting several days.

As in 6 days 🙄

That power outage resulted in our baby girls’ childcare centre being closed the day of the shoot - throwing all our plans upside down.

Sure, I could take her… but the location had a child free policy we would have to very kindly ask for an exception for. Plus, transporting a toddler in the van I hired to transport the art was going to be impossible without a baby seat. 🤷‍♀️

The shoot had to be postponed. I was sad because we’d put so much energy into planning, and I was ready to go… but it was the only way forward.

But then - a last minute idea to use the shoot time to capture some shots of Isla and I together in our home, resulted in this…



The most amazing, unplanned, but completely perfect studio memories captured

A big thank you to the gorgeous @twinewoodstudio 📸 for capturing these memories I’ll cherish forever.

This was just a few days after Isla started walking so they are extra special 🤍

And… we still had the location shoot the following week. Double bonus. And that was epic! The story for that one to come soon.

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