Painting with light & colour.
Abstract Fine Art By Corinne Melanie

About the Artist.

CORINNE MELANIE is an artist, and founder of online art gallery Take a look at Corinne's artworks and you'll find dreamlike and visually aesthetic skyscapes, cloud paintings, and colourful abstract designs that transform the room.

"Art truly holds energy. I paint the vibration I want to bring out of my mind and into my world. I paint as the inspiration comes, and drop new pieces one by one, gradually, into my gallery as they are completed. A collection will last a season, sometimes more, and I’ll fill it up until I need to move onto the next. With every collection you’ll see my style evolve a little as I follow my creative intuition".

Corinne's method combines the progressive use of digital painting technology, combined with traditional mediums such as acrylics, impasto and artist varnish. By combining the latest digital painting technology with traditional methods, the result is Corinne's truly unique style of art.

Inspired by a quote taken from John Moore, "I have always been fascinated by beautiful things, architecture, furniture, books. Beautiful things are prepared with love. The act of creating something of beauty is a way of bringing good into the world. Infused with optimism, it says simply: Life is worthwhile".

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"Amalfi" on Canvas Canvas Wall Art Corinne Melanie Inspired by colour and design.

About the Art.

Corinne launched her online gallery to help the world create beautiful and inspired interior spaces through the power of art.

Offering a mixture of inspired works in a range of finishes such as framed or stretched canvas prints, paper prints and original paintings, there is guaranteed to be a piece that is perfect for every customer's space.

If you are looking to find the perfect piece of art to completely transform your room and update your home, you have come to the right place.

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Locally Made
For my Australian customers, my fine art prints and framing is completed by hand by my framer here and shipped within Australia directly to you. Because I service a large market in the USA too, I'm pleased to share I also have a framer in the US where your artwork will be shipped directly from to your door, keeping shipping times low in both countries.

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"Nusa Dua" Landscape (v.ii) on Canvas Canvas Wall Art Corinne Melanie

Create beautiful and inspired spaces with art.