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Art of Abundance

Academy for artists looking to increase their online presence, grow beautiful, prosperous and fulfilling businesses and reach more customers than ever before.

Imagine this...

You've received multiple orders from your online store overnight while you were sleeping.

You're scrolling through your notifications and calculating the sales. Just last night, you've made more in your sleep from your online store sales than you used to make in a week at your 9-5.

You are so thankful you don't need your 9-5 anymore. You are completely financially supported by your online business.

You get to have a slow morning. You sip your coffee, enjoy your breakfast. You enjoy how the light changes as the sun comes up through the trees.

Your work day starts when you are ready. 

You get to work on what you choose. Whatever your heart leads you to and whatever you are inspired by in this moment.

That's all that's required of you.

When you're a professional artist selling your art prints and paintings via your own online store, and when you're doing it right, this gets to be your reality.

About the AOA course

If you want $20k, $50k and even $100k + months as an artist, you need a strategy.

That’s why I created AOA (the Art of Abundance course). I want to help artists like you see that high 5 and 6 figure months are absolutely possible and I want to help get you there.

If someone had told me I could make a living out of my art like this *6 figure months with grace and ease* I would have started running towards my dreams with so much speed 20 years ago. But perhaps like many of you, society led me to believe that being an artist wasn’t a real job. The ‘poor artist’ was the dialogue in my mind. If I wanted any money, I had to get a real career, and my art would forever be a side hustle.

I had a self-imposed glass ceiling. I knew I could make a little bit of money from my art, with wealth only reserved for a very small number of world-famous elites.

But I was so wrong.

The internet, social media, and the world of e-commerce has changed everything.

You don’t have to be a celebrity in the art world to sell a lot of art, you just have to follow the right process and have the right structures in place.

The AOA course is a package of curated learning, video content, research tasks, journalling prompts and worksheets specifically designed to support you growing and scaling your art business to 6-figure months and beyond.

Broken down into 5 chapters, each covering a different topic, each lesson within the chapter is broken down to bite size pieces you can tackle with 30 minutes to an hour at a time. Complete at your own pace. You’ll have access for 5 years, and access to all my future updates and additions in that time too.

The clock is ticking. Enrolment for my AOA course closes on the 21st February.

So what are you waiting for – run towards your dreams with speed. This course will take your art business to the next level.

I'm Corinne, and I'm so happy you are here!

I'm passionate about creating art, and I'm just as passionate about using my creativity to run a thriving online art business.

I've been selling art online for 15 years, and in that time I've reached over 7 figures of revenue from my artwork.

I'm now sharing everything I know to help you maintain a fun and fulfilling art practice, while running a profitable and thriving business at the same time.

My goal is to improve the lives of hundreds of artists like you, by sharing the tools and resources you need to create wealth from your work.

if you are ready to

Step into your highest potential as an entrepreneur, professional artist and business owner

Scale your art sales to high 5 figure or 6 figure months, consistently

Find more motivation than ever before and be prolific in the creation of new art

Embrace digital tools with grace and ease, to get your prints and paintings for sale with speed

Learn next-level business strategy and savvy that will set you up for financial success

Then you have come to the right place.

Is it time to take your artwork to the next level?

Let this course be your guide.

Let me help you grow an abundant and fulfilling business that will bring you joy, purpose and prosperity for many years to come. I can't wait to share more with you.

What's covered?

I will guide you through essential elements of building your art business and creating a comprehensive, sustainable strategy to ensure your success for many years to come.

Chapter 1

Your Mindset: Have Unstoppable Motivation & Vision

Here we’re going to cover your goals for your art, money, and life - and why having a strategy is critical for your success. Then, we’ll set out a plan for you to document a clear vision for the body of work, and brand, you want to create. With a strong vision comes unstoppable motivation and action.


Chapter 2

Your Offer: Crafting your Collection of Products to Sell

We’ll discuss how you can create your saleable art prints and paintings ready for sale, with speed. I’ll show you how you don’t need a huge outlay of funds and you don’t need a warehouse with stock. Leveraging the made-to-order model, we’ll get your website stocked and ready to sell swiftly. You’ll also learn about different ways to run your store to meet your lifestyle goals, from fully automated print sales through to high-end luxury commissions.


Chapter 3

Your Profitability: Costs, Financial Acumen, and Pricing Your Art for Profit

Here you’ll lock in your suppliers and determine the cost to sell your prints and paintings. Once the costs have been determined, I’ll show you how to understand profit margin and price your prints and paintings for profit.


Chapter 4

Sell with Ease: Sales Channels, Platforms and Marketing

Here I’ll share my 4 platform-strategy for success and how you can set up multiple income streams when selling your work online. We’ll also discuss the best ways to visually market your artwork, how you can write copy that sells and how to be your true, authentic self on social media in a way that feels right and comfortable to you.


Chapter 5

Taking Action: Creating your Abundant Life and thriving

Finally you’ll pull everything together by writing out your business strategy with the template provided and set your goals and actions for the next 3-6 months. We’ll also talk about how you can maintain wellbeing and balance when things get busy and as your orders begin to grow.


What's included?

Hours of video content, guides, action steps, planners and workbooks.

You'll walk away from each lesson with actionable steps and fillable worksheets you can implement today, to take your art business to the next level.

Access to Private Discussions & Community

Connect with other students and Corinne directly through each of the lessons and chapters through our own private community.

Future course additions and updates

I'm only just getting started. As these resources continue to be built out and grow, you'll have access to all new content for the next five years.

Gorgeous Interior Mockups

Just add your image file and you will have gorgeous marketing photography, ready to add to your website and selling platforms. I've created a mockup file for you with five different interiors featured, license included, so you can quickly and easily show your customers just how good your art will look on their walls.

Plug & Play Product Descriptions & Marketing Copy

Proven effective website copy and product descriptions that you can immediately make your own to get your products online and selling with speed. Copy and paste straight into your own website, marketplaces and ad platforms to save yourself hours of drafting, trial, and error.

And so much more!

Ready to get started?

Pay in Full

$899 - The best deal, with savings of $100 by paying in full. A single payment and you are in, with instant access to the course + future updates!

Payment Plan

$333 x 3 - Three monthly installments to spread the payments over time. Instant access to the course + future updates (Total amount $899 + payment plan fee of $100 totalling $999).

the art of abundance

abundance /əˈbʌnd(ə)ns/ noun

1. Plentifulness of the good things in life; prosperity.