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Corinne Melanie + Real Customer Homes

In this blog post, I'm showcasing some of the recent images I've received of my art in your gorgeous homes!

Hopefully these pictures can help you decide what art is perfect in your space and how you can incorporate these pieces into your own living spaces.

So grab a cup of your favourite hot or cold drink and let's take a look at these featured customer homes. 

Featured here in Renee's home is the lovely 'Apostle Bay No. 6' and 'Apostle Bay No. 5' fine art prints on canvas, both in the 100x100cm size. 'Apostle Bay No. 6' is now completely sold out in this size, but I have repainted version II which you can view here.

Explore these artworks: Apostle Bay No. 5 | Apostle Bay No. 6 (v.ii) | Apostle Bay No. 6


This piece featured is from my 'Nightflower' collection. It's no longer available on my store but if you are interested in purchasing this piece, please contact me via

You can view the available pieces in the Nightflower collection here.


Another amazing pairing of 'Apostle Bay No's 5 & 6'. 

How great do these pieces look paired with gold accents and forrest green furniture?

Get this look in your home: Apostle Bay No. 5 | Apostle Bay No. 6 (v.ii) | Apostle Bay No. 6


Sure to make a big statement while being calming and subdued at the same time; the piece featured in this lovely home is 'Apostle Bay No. 3'.


The final feature for today is from the Portsea collection.

This collection features hues of blues paired with tans and neutral tones of beige and lilac.

The piece shown here in this lovely home is 'Portsea V'.

Did any of these pictures inspire you to update your walls? Let me know in the comments!

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