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There's something about moving house. A time where you rifle through old belongings, sorting, boxing, organising; a time where you let go of the old and open your mind to the new.

I, like many others, take the time to throw away things that I no longer need. It's unsettling at first, like any change that life gives us. We don't realise how much of a cognitive drain it is to sort through and throw away those old things. But you know, deep down, you don't need these old belongings anymore. There's no need to hold on; it's now time to only take with you what you need, ready for this new chapter. Your new home.

Which has led me to think: Just like when moving house where we chose what to box up, take and what to leave and discard, through our whole life we are faced with paths and choices.


  • Revel in old habits or grow with new experiences.


  • Stay safe and keep with the familiar or open your mind to new knowledge and growth.


  • Keep accepting excuses or hold others accountable to their promises.


  • Dream of a better life or make a better life.


  • Blame the world for your circumstances or take action, take ownership and command your own circumstances.


  • Hold that grudge or let it go, forgive.


  • Believe what your told or seek reality and truth.


  • Stay in the same place your whole life or forge a new path in a new place, a new city. Explore the world.


  • Forget and block your past or honour, cherish and learn from your experiences and relationships.


  • Expect something in return out of your relationships or be selfless, be that friend despite what you get in return.


  • Continue re-reading the same page or really start that new chapter.


Every day we are choosing. What do you chose?

What thoughts and feelings does moving house stir up for you?

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