February 22, 2020 1 min read

Celebrating every opportunity to live life barefoot.

There's something especially special about enjoying spaces that don't require the need for shoes. Whether it be a cozy nook at home, a holiday destination, a gorgeous outdoor space, or a visit to the beach, these are the times we connect the most with ourselves and our environment.

The below images will ignite your inspiration to take off your shoes, and relax.



1. Source: Pinterest

 2. Source: patio diy

 3. Source: the nest

4. Source: trendir

5. Source: pufik home inspirations

6. Source: pinterest

7. Source: jessicagordonryan

8. Source: pinterest

9. Source: anna gillar

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How you can get this gorgeous, printable artwork!

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I am also excited to share I'm now on Patreon! You can join my Patreon community and get access to a heap of digital content (like the gorgeous, printable art shown here in this post - ready for you to download right now!) So if you want to get your hands on this digital print, or even use it as a desktop or mobile wallpaper, just head on over to Patreon!

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