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November 05, 2021 2 min read

Well, it's been a very exciting couple of weeks!

Kyrran (my fiancé) and I recently purchased a new home in the Dandenong Ranges. I'm slowly learning that the Ranges are a little hidden gem, nestled in Melbourne's far east, with lush glades of ferns filling the area, amongst towering forests of Mountain Ash trees and little eclectic villages.

We've been told our new home is an old station house that was transported up the hill in the 70's, finding it's way to it's permanent location here in the Dandenongs. The story has it falling off the truck on it's way up the driveway, and was stuck there for a few days before it could be moved! Luckily, the house still seems like it's in pretty good shape. In the decades that followed, the house grew and extended to become a much loved family home, with the previous owners being here for 23 years.

When we moved in, they left us notes around that made for a very warm welcome, including instructions for where the very best spot in the house is - which happens to be the outside deck with views stretching down the valley. We would agree! It's a great spot to watch the sun go down and puts on a show of glitterring city lights at night. And, kookaburras and king parrots love to perch themselves on the timber balustrades to visit and say hello.

Over time I'm going to share our progress in making this house our home, (and the spot for my new art studio - which is yet to be built) which I can't wait to share with you. But for now, we settle in.

You might have already seen a few of my pieces in the Mons Vita collection. Mons Vita translates to 'Mountain Life', and it's my first set of paintings inspired by this beautiful piece of Australia.


A photo of our new home taken the day we got the keys.


A photo of our new home taken the day we got the keys.

Studio dogs,"Millie" (Left) and "Poppy" (Right).


"Mons Vita" in situ.


Corinne Melanie Art - Mons Vita II

Mons Vita II - Inspired by the Dandenong Ranges & Yarra Valley region. You can view the collection here.


Mons Vita I and Mons Vita II - Art by Corinne Melanie Dandenong Ranges Artist

Mons Vita I & Mons Vita II on the wall together.

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